Agh!!! Don't you despise it when you try to login to an account with those code thingys? You know, the ones where you have to type what mumbo jumbo words are in the box so you can login? It's terrible, I can barely tell what the letters are. It takes me almost 5 times to get one right. By that time, I'm locked out and I have to wait. I'M NOT A ROBOTHACKERTHINGYMAGIGGER!!!

Anyways, how ya doin? ;)

School got out Wednesday! I almost got everyone's signature in 4th block. My friend even got this guy to sign it, which made me extra happy & sunshiny ^-^
I'm gonna miss everyone! I really hope I have them in my classes next year.

So excited for summer. So what are your guy's plans for summer? I'm doing summer school. Le gasp! Just kidding. I'm only doing gym so I can work computer classes into my schedule. I would really love to do gym during the school year though so I can stay in shape for sports, but I'd rather do gym in the summer than stay indoors in computer class.  That's only for the first half of summer, then I'll be visiting family in California. I love it there! It's (almost) all Cambodian there! I don't feel lonely, but it's tricky; I don't completely know how to speak Khmer, so I have to resort to body language when talking with Yea (aka: Grandma)

Haha whenever I hear "it's tricky" I think of White Chicks...

Well, I think that's all that I have to talk about so...


P.S. Awh yea, working in some French so I don't get rusty ;)



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